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Stars Soccer Review is a dependable football magazine publisher in Toronto, ON. We offer a comprehensive portal for soccer sports news, and we produce our magazine in both electronic and printed format. Additionally, we organize fun and competitive soccer events for our community.

Stars Soccer Review is a Cut Above the Rest

Stars Soccer Review (SSR) has proven that bigger is not necessarily better on its steady climb to the top of the global soccer market. It has solidified its ranking as the most entertaining and colourful soccer magazine on the global market.

Stars Soccer Review is Produced by an Accomplished Football/Soccer Player

The magazine is produced by Aldwyn McGill who has won countless championships, and over 20 individual scoring titles, and several MVP awards. In his trophy case is a Player of the Year, Coach of the Year Award and an Award of Merit for his contribution to the Community.

McGill experience as a football/soccer administrator is also extensive. They include President, Coach, Liaison Person, General Manager and Director of Soccer Operations for several semi-professional clubs. He is a FIFA accredited Journalist/Photographer who has covered FIFA World Cups at all levels while still trying to give back to his community by organizing tournaments and family days because as he said “Soccer won’t leave him alone.”

Connect With a Soccer Magazine Publisher

Stars Soccer Review has many years of experience in the publishing industry. We combine our extensive knowledge and skills to deliver quality soccer news coverage. We also express our love for the sport by organizing a variety of events for the soccer community. If you wish to learn more about what we do, you may give us a call or send us a message today.