Canada closer to World Cup Qatar with win over CRC

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Stars Soccer Review is a high-quality soccer magazine that is produced in electronic and printed format. The magazine was launched in May 2007 and distributed out of Toronto, Canada by Caribbean Stars Inc.

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Stars Soccer Review coordinates many football events that bring together people in our community. Our variety of activities includes tournaments, international soccer games, and family days. We do this along with producing magazines for soccer fans. Our goal is to provide a one-stop platform for soccer enthusiasts and to deliver the most recent news about the sport.

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Stars Soccer Review Special Issue magazines have received rave reviews. They are usually stacked with information that provides historical data that is based on national, individual and/or club achievements. Some of these Special Issues have been requested in quantities by Clubs, Public Libraries, Football Federations, and Associations and on two separate occasions were approved by a Ministry of Education for use in school libraries as reference material.

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Do you wish to learn more about soccer? You have come to the right place. Are you following the games in the soccer leagues locally and around the globe? You are on the right train. Do you want to know about your favorite teams and players? We’ve covered soccer stars such as David Beckham, Thierry Henry, Lionel Messi, and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Follow our incredible soccer evolution from Caribbean Stars Soccer Club to a news and sports portal that evolved into the most entertaining and colourful soccer magazine on the global market. Check out previous editions of our magazine to see where we can assist. If you are a national association, club, player, or parent interested in promoting and marketing your product, you may want to reach out to us via phone, fax, or email. We hope to hear from you!